.CSV format Definition

The first row is the header row
column separator: ";"
decimal sign:         "."

Column 1:    Month,
Column 2: Day,
Column 3: Hour,
Column 4:    External temperature [°C]

Column 5:    Operative room temperature [°C]        (first room)
Column 6:    CO2 concentration in room [ppm]        (first room)

Column 7:    Operative room temperature [°C]        (second room)
Column 8:    CO2 concentration in room [ppm]        (second room)    

...The first defined room get the first room data from file (Column 5,6). The next room the next data pair ( Column 7,8) and so on.
If more rooms defined in the project than set in the file, the last room data from file is used for all further "undefined" rooms.




External temperature [°C]

Operative room 1 temperature [°C] 

CO2 concentration in room 1 [ppm] 

Operative room 2 temperature [°C] 
CO2 concentration in room 2 [ppm] 

Example file